dreamed i was in amherst.

near umass. wanted to get to HC.

i was w/ a male friend w/ bushy brown hair (no one i kno in real life) in a car… he accidentally drove thru a large puddle which turned out to be a pond. we hit the water and i immediately said take off yer seat belt and open yer door cuz i knew it was gonna sink.

i got out and sat on the roof of the car. he was strugging in the water, paniced so he was drowning. i stuck out my leg and was like “take a hold of my leg!” and he did and he lived.

some ppl helped us to get back to land.

i was like o shit all my $ and cards were in the car. i was like dude u have to have it towed out. but it wasn’t gonna happen soon.

so i started to walk towards amherst center. i think i was trying to get to HC but not sure.


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