Saturday and work and life and idea for an experiment

OK here i am on saturday… i have some werk to do this weekend.

this has happened 2 me in the past – i intend to werk on weekend then end up not doing it.

i can b quite the productivity powerhouse at werk during day time working hours but on eves and weekends, even when i *want* to work, i turn into what i was like in college – a procrastination powerhouse. yeah.

so ok… other things i want to do this weekend… i will def see chris and maren for dinner in chinatown tomorrow nite that will be fun… i have to go to the gym. i should do that today cuz tomorrow (sun.) i have a freshdirect order coming btwn 3-5pm…. sandra S. is in town… i shud see her today or 2nite,,, maybe i can make dinner at my place. i also want to go to this local indian store in my hood and buy 2 wall hangings i saw there a week ago. i have to get a manicure at some point too,..

i am so unmotivated to fucking move right now…


this is me now:photo-52.jpg

i am so confused its like ic an’t even form a PLAN of what i want to do today. cuz if i could decide on an plan then i could do it.

oh wait i know waht this could b… PMS! when i get pms ioften can’t think straight… let me check calendar… ok i checked i believe i am in mid-cycle. it could b starting early this month? which is posible cuz i stopped taking the pill last month. whatever.

should i call sandra? if i call her i’;ll b committed to a plan. maybe this is what guys are like — they don;t do things cuz they kno they’ll end up committing to doing something more than 10 mins in advance.

i can;t even get up the motivation to take a shower right now.

like i said in another post, i feel like stephen hawking!!! i;m just on the pooter all the fucking time. why is this more fun than real life? is it? i;m not even sure if it is. hmm. what is the comfort of doing this as opposed to going out and doing shit? well people for one. i don;t have ot deal w/ ppl in front of pooter… yeah… ok what else…

i wish my cat would come over here and sit with me.

maybe i shud devise an experiment that measures something online vs RL (real life)… it would measure the levels of interesingness (as flickr calls it) in online life vs RL. as for subjects, there’s me, but i am an observer. is it fair for me, the observer and mediator, to be a subject as well? am i capable of objectively observing and mediating myself? i think not. ok i’m gonna post this to a private msg board i use and see what they have to say. brb~!


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