saw babel 2nite. was ok.


i broke my rule of never going to public movie theatres on weekend nights. this rule still holds. i only broke it this time cuz i had friend visiting from out of town who wanted to go to movie. and ok i really wanted to get out of the apt. ok fine.

ok, quad on w. 13th. – the chairs are like coach plane chairs and the ppl are white obnoxious ppl who feel they are *entitled* to chat about the film or make running commentary during the film. the dickhead to the left of me totally poached the armrest and CHEWED GUM wtf during the movie. and he leg kept touching mine which was ew grody. like dude stay in your space dickhead.

my very sweet and nice friend i went w/ cried during this film. i must b getting callous cuz i felt no emotion from this film. in fact sometimes i was bored. some parts were drawn out.

it was nice however to have a film take place in 3rd world countries with main characters that are not of white western middle class but poverty striken 3rd world ppls. that was very nice to have these ppl as important characters in the story. some of the middle class white ppl in the fil, were rightly portrayed as douchebags. not unlike the ppl in the movie threatre i was sitting in. no not really. the ppl in the theatre, being NY’ers wouldn’t have behaved as douchey as the douches in the film.

am i becoming a self-loathing white person? whatever i really don’t care.

the teen japanese grrl’s dad was old but hawt:


i’d definitely see more flicks by the writer/director. i hope he makes more but leaves the white americans out of it. or kills them off.

i want to eat the chocolate that roy left here… but i shouldn’t… but i can’t stop thinking about it….

ok ya know what else? i really need to do something w/ my brain!! my friends frmo grad school, well, most of them, work on real art projects! and what do i do? work in software development 50+ hrs/week and am too tired to do anything else afterwards.  i really need to work on something. i talked to my visiting friend about this…

what’s wrong w/ me why can’t i? well ok… i have to try ok?


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