Ghosts of Abu Ghraib


went to a screening of this hbo doc ghosts of abu ghraib

swanky reception: good food and booze. smart ppl. some hawt dudes but i dint meet any. i’m sure most were gay. the waiters were so cute.

roy’s new g/f sari is the editor of it. she;s hawt and smart and fabuluous i love her! i;m thinking “how did roy get a chick like that?”. i told him he should marry her. i like her friends too:

oh shit yeah the film is sad scary disturbing and upsetting.

omg the director is the chick who made girlhood which i saw a week or so ago and loved. i told sari (roy’s g/f) to tell rory (the director) that i;d work on a sequel to girlhood for free.

when i got home i looked up other films by her and came across the tidbit that she is the daughter of robert kennedy. wow i was in the same room w/ the neice of jfk. not that she ever knew them. i took this pic of her tho cuz she was my hero for making girlhood.


when they talked they mentioned some nfo that didn;t make it into the film — that the CIA intell ppl they intervewied traveled around iraq & afgh interrogating ppl using those unethical torture techniques, and they admit that these techniques are *not* effective. there are also govt studies they said that declare that these techniques are not efffective!

i wish they would have included that in the film. i don;t think they did cuz the theme was more about the young and somewhat naive but frustrated kids i mean ppl working in the prisons who were “just following orders”. even when they knew it was wrong. i believe they were not purposely malicious (the kids interviewed) but were a) following orders and in doing so b) taking out their frustrations on the situation by taking the pics where they posed w/ the prisionsers.

did u kno that they imprisoned women and children in abu gahrib too?? they were the relatives of the male prisioners. the torturers would use the fact that they had their innocent wives, mothers sisters & kids there and threatened to do shit to them. that’s FUCKED UP!! this was just stated in the film. i wish there had been more explanation about this. i mean WTF is up with that???

i felt guilty at this reception cuz here we were 100 american liberals eating gr8 food and drink in swanky hbo offices overlooking bryant park watching this film in a cushy screening room (why can’t all theatres be like that)… and the subjects of this film – where arethey now if they’re not dead and what are they doing? every day for your average iraqi is a sick fuct up hell – they could get bombed at any moment… and here we are engorging ourselves on fresh shrimp and sushi. i’m sure i’m not the only one to consider that.

remember this:

this was in the bathroom. weird:

on the way home:


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