ok i haven’t done anything creative in years.

doing art stuff used to be such a big part of my identity.

ironically, since i’ve lost it i’ve been a happier person.

not sure what’s changed. getting older? finding a vocation i actually relatively like?

anyhoo, i feel inadequate being so blah and not making anything.

i think i shud start again.

… shit where to start?

where i left off last time seems like a good place.

since grad skool i’ve become so academic about art, like making it about ideas and thinking and meaningful thoughts. b4 then it was more gut reaction emotional. not sure if that’s bad or  good. which is good or bad? i don;t kno.

ok. what interests u, betty?

A: start w/ the history of narrative – humans evolved w/ oral narrative. did narrative shape human thought or did human thought shape our narratives? ok then printed word blah blah blah shaped thought and culcha’ and shit. that parts not so interesting. but the next part, that post-literary (when printed word dominated) culcha’ is more like oral chulcha’ is interesting to me… ok. i should list out the ways… let me get back to u on tha.

last project, UBS. a traditional narrative in which you the spectator become a minor character. i still like this idea. i still have that pile of scripts for more shows. i should werk on it.



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