Dawn French’s Girls Who Do Comedy


i should be a commedienne… i’m funny 2 me. and to some of my friends. but no one else.

anyway, i somehow identify with this:

if i were bing interdviewed i’d say… well i;m the oldest of 2 grrls,,,, i was mean to my little sister a little ok when we were little not now tho…. i really largely ignored her til i went away 2 college and realized hey i have a little sister… after colllege days tho she got back at me and she’s always kept me in line. i’ve always been the irresponsible crazy one and she was more conservative and responsible.., but we have similar tastes in muzik. she CLAIMS i pushed her down the basement stairs when she was a todddler but i wasn;t near her when that happened. i don;t kno how she thnks she can remember that but whateverrrrr. she’s ok.

ok next question…

kris (the sister) and i have always impersonaated my mom. and each otehr.

our mom is the queeen b. and we are the little bees. the bees in training. and b stands for bitch. my mom made this up not us. she said it 1st.

my mom’s kinda funny even tho she doesn;t kno it.

i was deathly shy until kollege. yeah no shit. hard to believe i kno!

i went to this kollege where classes were discussion-based around a big conference-like table and u HAD to talk and engage in discussion else get shitty evaluations thus i was socialized in a way i hadn’t been b4. i mean, b4 that, it was easy to get by by just being pretty and sitting there. the result of 4 (or 5) yrs of that is someone who talks alot, says what they think and has a larger sense of entitlement than she ought.

hey isn;t it gr8 how computers don;t crash as much as they used to?

u know this is how i spend my sat. nite…. i could have gone to a party but i dint. i also could have gone to a brunch tomorrow butnope i like my down time to b real down time.

no i wasn;t a class clown i was voted class couple w/ the b/f i had in HS. in kolllege i was more like the class arty snotty bitch. god i was so fuct up i;m quite normal and boring now.

omg i love sarah silverman she’s sooooo cool.

hmm watching this i;m thinking maybe humor is a manipulative social strategy.



hmm i haven;t felt brilliantly funny until the urban bedtime stories shit. i was in my 30s. when i was gettting older…. b4 that i was serious and hawt. hm…. interesting topic there.

i’ve always had a goofy fun good sense of humor. like a sick dark sense of humor. guys like that. but i don;t show it off for that reason. i’m just like that.

i don;t kno how they can do miss piggy w/ jim hensen dead.

wow sarah silverman dint get her period til she was 17!!! holy shit. i was likw 12 i think. was so long ago. egad a former lif.

oh no they mentioned hot flashes. i heard someone on an npr radio program say she got hot flashes at 43…. that’s umm around the corner.

hahahaa dawn did karaoke w/ a penis! that’s funny.

i wonder who dawn french married. or if she did.

i wonder if margret cho’s had face work. looks like it.


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