here i am in cluj RO. i’m here for work. there’s a lot to be done here in terms of PM so i’ll stay til the end of march.

ITS SO NICE TO BE OUT OF NYC and in a nice small laid back european city even tho everyone smokes everywhere.

at the office i can actually see out of a window from my desk (what a luxury) and its a nice view of quaint european tops of buildings and mountains in the distance. sometimes i hear ducks flying overhead quacking. it seems to be unseasonably warm here too.

today i went w/ the main dude here (from the office) to look at an apt since i’ll b here for so long but it was farther away than he thought or that i wanted ot deal w/. if i find an apt closer i’ll take it.

i’ll so more exploring of the city tomorrow. maybe hit up a museum.

mon – fri i have to work. on sat. at 5am i;m going to drive to budapest w/ some ppl and come back sunday.

here are some pics. they;re all here in my flickr account:


i miss my cat:

view from the conference room at the office:

view from my office window!:


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