i’m in romania

i should b blogging about this… i’ve been here for 9 days so far.

here are some pics: http://flickr.com/photos/bettyx1138/

i’m working here. its going well. well, considering. switching over a disorganized company from a bad task/project tracking system that no one used properly to a good system is what i’m doing. yeah its ok. but at the same time have to keep the developers full stream ahead on existing and changing projects and priorities.

i was going to go to budapest this weekend but when i went to buy an air ticket i learned that the airport was closed for repairs this weekend. so next weekend i’ll go either to budapest or venice.

i should be bored here but i’m not. i’m just so glad to be out of NY for a while. away from the crass commercialism of the USandA.

here. ppl are kind of provincial, like they haven’t travelled as much as me or my peers or most western europeans and they seem to want to. they see the US as a land of opportunity as our ancestors saw it i guess. but now their economy is opening and the opps are coming to them too now.

they don;t have the gratuitous consumer consumption here which is fantastic. the us is really bad about that. its not as bad in western EU either i don;t think.

anyhoo, the programmers at the office are very hard working, polite and reserved. i’m not used to being around such reserved, polite ppl.

and yes everyone there speaks perfect english. most ppl do around town. its not a problem. sometimes in restaurants the waiters don’t speak english but its ok cuz i point and i know the basics. the worst part is that most menus are not in english. but again i know a few basics. and i’m not picky i’ll eat anything (as u kno from my size).

shit yeah i think i’m putting on weight. everything had tons of cheese in it even salads. i need to learn the phrase for “no dressing”… that’d b gr8…. i have ot ask the ppl at the office that.

the red wine here is good, how i like it, sweet and smooth. like cote du rhones.

i need a manicure but i’ll wait til i get back to ny. i only trust the gals i see there.

what else…. i;m in a hotel but its ok. i looked at an apt but it was too far away.


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  1. berserker duckling says:

    I called the RitterSport police on u.

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