brunch, tourists, my blood pressure and travel planning

met M, C and R fer brunch at dos caminos – very nice place. i’d go there again.

after i was gonna go to west elm in chelsea cuz i need a new kitchen table. i;m sick of the kitchen table and chairs i have i’ve had them for years and they aren’t all that nice.

i also need end tables…

i bailed on west elm.

i ended up walking from the UES to bway and 48th to get the n/r/w home. i wasn’t as annoyed and repulsed by the tourists as i usually am i think because i was a tourist last month in RO and venice. they were so happy looking up at the buildings and being retarded in their white sneakers and winter jackets and backpacks. it was actually nice to be around them for about 30 secs.

on way home stopped to get a blood pressure monitor at duane reade but they dint have the kind i want.

yeah my BP was high at dr visit this past week. she’s taking it seriously.

all my dr’s in past few yrs have strongly advised me to drop like 20 lbs… i really have to do it goddammit.

i wonder if its werk that caused my BP to increase?

i have to stop consuming so much vino and coffee and chocolate…


what if i have cancer?

sometimes i get these fears that i have a fatal disease. based on paranoia. i’m gonna die sometime. who knows if it will b sooner rather than later?

look at cory… she went on holiday in tibet, came back and was dead in a few months and she was about 30 when she died.

anyway what was i talking about?

oh yeah i’ve started researching venice apts for thanksgiving week w/ judy and kris.

also the sail club has some charters in europe in may that i might be able to join up with if i go to RO then. one is monaco and south of frace, the other is san remo and cinque terra and some island in italia. kick ass! and i won’t be obligated to crew heavily. the sail club has some invites to parties at the cannes film fest if i go on the france once. that’d b groovey. maybe i’d meet some dudes. prolly not.

i have to lose weight to meet guys. why don’t i ever meet any fucking guys i like? wtf? i need to get out more.

i went to the gym yesterday taht was good.

maybe my BP was high cuz i ate cheese adn high fat and high colesteral food like every day in RO.

oh the sail club also has a 10 day sail in tahiti at xmas and its on $1700 plus air! fuckin A i want to go i have to get R to commit to going. i don’t wanna go away for xmas solo. in fact i don’t wanna go on the other sail trips solo but i don;t have anyone else to go with me. 😦

omg sopranos starts again 2nite psyched better b good.

my apt’s a mess – a month’s worth of unopened mail… i need more fucking room. i wonder if i’ll ever b able to afford to move out of this shoebox.


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  1. DuhuNlall says:

    Definately will not go to Vilamoura anymore, 6 Hour rounds of Golf and 4.5 Euros for a beer , we will stay clear of the Vilamoura golf courses this year, and the so called free shuttle bus turns up if you are lucky.

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