yawn, saturday

here i am leading my boring life.

i should go to the gym.

i let myself nap til i couldn’t any more.

i’m stressed for the 1st time about werk.

i have to werk this weekend.

what else…


um yeah i have to get my fat ass to the gym.

last nite after werk on an empty stomach i met ken and annette fer drinks and i have 3 glasses of vino which i s a lot for me. i came home sitll mad about werk things and ate leftover spaghetti and then ordered really fattening chinese food and ate it all! very bad of me. but i was upset.


i have to clean my apt. its a fucking mess i can’t have ppl over.

i still need to get a new table and chairs and some little things for the living room.

and get roy;s shit out of here. that’s not part of the deal.

what else…

i want a vacation.

maybe if i go to RO i can take a week off after to go sailing w/ the sail club ppl.

i need to lose weight good lord.

maybe i should hav ethe surgeries i’ve been needing to have. well i have an appt on 4.30 w/ my gyno about that one. yeah i shoudl just do it. i can get a tummy tuck at the same time. heh. then i’ll get a cool tattoo to cover the scar.

then maybe i won’t need the back surgery. but if i do that’s ok.

oh shit i have to mail in my tax extension.


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