bad take out

tried a relatively new take out place on the block and it sucked. got pad thai. was like instant mix. ew. but what was worse was that the last bite there was a small piece of the hottest pepper ever. like i spit it out and ran to the sink and ran cold water over my tongue and mouth and that didn’t even make it feel better. my mouth and lips actually hurt really badly for like 5 minutes! my tongue was red. really. i spent like 5 mins spitting and running water over my mouth and rinsing my mouth w/ soy milk. it was awful.

so while its happening i was thinking shit these ppl did this to me on purpose. i can’t imagine why. maybe cuz i’m white and they’re asian and hate white ppl? they were a little rude? but in chatting w/ one of the guys there i told him i live nearby and he’s like hey we deliver and i;m like cool so he wanted my business? so it must have been a mistake?

anyhoo, its called je’bon. don’t eat there.

now i’m bored.

its 1015p and roy’s not home yet.

i;m bored.


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