i;’ve had an active and lazy at the same time day.

my back hurts.

slept late.

had vivid dreams where i was flying and all these ppl including me had super powers like on heroes. there was a bear in the dream.

my mom gave me her bday gift to me – a cutlery set and 2 large vino glasses. she heard me complaining about how all my knives are dull. and she insists taht i have the wrong kind of vino glasses. the ones she got me are huge. too huge for my own taste but hey they were free.

first me and kris went to tiny to look for kitchen table 4 me. i am on a mission to replace the ikea kitchen table i’ve had forever and the chairs. i;m just sick of looking at them.

so tiny had nada.

then walked to room and board in soho again to look for a table and again nada.

then went to oilily in soho and returned a shirt kris gave me fer my bday (it was too small) and i got 3 shirts. they are non-black, i am also on a mission to get more non-black clothes.

then by coincidence judy, h and toby were a half block from oilily when i got out and i met up w/ them.

i gave H the chachkees i got fer her in RO.

then i came home and had leftovers.

last nite i made a gr8 meal – salmon marinated in sesame ginger, and brocolli and artichoke hearts on the side, starter of salad. and dessert was a grapefruit and mint based fruit salad.

today on way home i stopped at a produce vendor and he gave me 2 huge asparagus bunches for price of 1 and a free banana. and i got red grapes cuz they are good 4 u.

so tonite i’ll make this recipe but substitute non-dairy cheese fer the cheese and veg broth fer the bird broth. (healthier and its not nice to eat animals u know).

i;m supposed to go to an art opening but i suck and i’m going to blow it off. mayeb i’ll ask ken and annette over if roy wants to too

i really need to get out more and circulate and b social! wtf is wrong w/ me.  lately i’ve jus tbeen wanting to freakin read in bed all the time.

tomorrow i may go to west elm and get the kitchen table and chairs and some other small things.


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