today i sailed boats at the toy boat pond in central park

Boats and ducks regatta, originally uploaded by bettyx1138.

i christened a new kc navy boat, seen here in this foto on the left, called the sir walter poopsie cushman (aka skipper). i am co-captain of it w/ roy.

it rained.

there were ducks. ducklings. baby ducks. 2 cute.

after r & i went to picola pizza place on e 12th street. was molto bene. i think its really run by itanians.

2nd to last sopranos episode on 2nite. bobby got whacked. tony’s on the run. dr malfi kicked him out of therapy. sil is in hospital. wowsers. can’t wait til next week.

we got rosetta stone italiano dvd.

i don’t get why some languages have to change some words to make them masculine or femenine? why not just use one for both wtf.

we’re supposed to finsih our italy trip planning soon — to go next oct…

roy says he wants to go on safari next jan or feb so we’re thinkin maybe tanzania then too…

i’ve been depressed all weekend for no good reason. i should exercise more. i think about my dad but that’s not it. i don’t know why. its not pms…. whatever i just have to keeep busy. 😐


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