somehow came across this way old rolling stones vid on youtube. whew i can feel the drugs coming thru the film… (yes, youth is wasted on the young. evident in this video. and has been a recurrring thought lately … as i dwell on this midlife thing that’s caught up w/ me… oy vey. how did that happen???)

ok i confess… a dirty little secret. oh shit this must b temporary insanity. i’m d/l’ing rolling stones songs from the net and enjoying them. jesus fucking christ don’t tell anyone. i havent lissened to this shit since i was a kid. its like. shhh don’t tellanyone this is so uncool. it analogue forgodssake and gulp classic rock ewwww. but hmm some of this shits good.

i’ll prolly b back to normal tomorrow.

why can’t i ever meet guys i like? i feel like the lady in this video… just going about life never meeting anyone. i think its me. i think i have some disassociative disorder that prevents me from forming deep relationships w/ ppl. well i have a deep relationship w/ roy. and that’s good. but its not a  romantic perfect b/f/partner person.

eh whatever who needs one.


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