100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know


ok i;m gonna test myself. this is embarrassing. i wasn;t thebest student in HS or college either…

abjure – ?
abrogate – kind of like delegate?
abstemious – ?
acumen – having an inclination to be good at something?

antebellum – old

auspicious – umm i used to kno….
belie – show?
bellicose – fat? no…
bowdlerize – ?
chicanery – silliness hijinx?
chromosome – biological genetic code holder, part of dna, made from genes which are sequences of amino acid
churlish – childish? petulent?
circumlocution – verbal beating around the bush?
circumnavigate – go around?
deciduous – a tree of some kind?
deleterious – i should know this?
diffident – indifference?
enervate – ??? shit i should kno this…
enfranchise – empower
epiphany – sudden insight
equinox – pinnacle
euro – monetary unit of the EU
evanescent – like effervescent?
expurgate – get rid of?
facetious – sarcastic
fatuous – fat? i don;t know
feckless – clear?
fiduciary – monetary
filibuster – thing they do in congress – keep talking so the other party can’t get a word in. i like this word.
gamete – arrary?
gauche – tacky?
gerrymander – screwing around
hegemony – one way of one country dominating others like empirialism

hemoglobin – fluidy part of blood, not the red or white cells?

homogeneous – sameness
hubris – dry humor but stupid and cocky
hypotenuse – type of triangle
impeach – convict, find guilty
incognito – in costume
incontrovertible – can’t be refuted
inculcate – put into power?
infrastructure – core foundation
interpolate – switch out 2 things?
irony – when something is meant to be one thing but its hidden meaningis another, the opposite of the obvious
jejune – young and youthful
kinetic – moving
kowtow – kiss ass
laissez faire – laid back, whatever happens
lexicon – language
loquacious – outgoing?

lugubrious – i should kno this… outgoing? fat?

metamorphosis – massive change
mitosis – kind of like osmosis?
moiety – don’t know
nanotechnology – atomic-level technonlogy
nihilism – destruction
nomenclature – a way of representing something

nonsectarian – secular is religous so this is non-religous
notarize – make official
obsequious – oh shit i should kno this? ??
oligarchy – one person being a tyrant running a country
omnipotent – all powerful
orthography – ??? – drawings of birds?
oxidize – to mix oxygen with
parabola – math algorithm a curve
paradigm – structure of thought
parameter – a unit passed throught like a function
pecuniary – punishing?
photosynthesis – sun converts something into energy?
plagiarize – to steal words/thoughts
plasma – biological liquid
polymer – chemical binding compound
precipitous – giving in?
quasar – a type of star
quotidian – point on a map
recapitulate – don;t know… i should know this…
reciprocal – giving back

reparation – what someone is due
respiration – breathing
sanguine – mellow? not sure. i should know this….
soliloquy – spoken speach
subjugate – make submissive to?
suffragist – feminist activist early 1900s
supercilious – don;t know
tautology – don;t know
taxonomy – classification system
tectonic – don’t know… i should kno this
tempestuous – dunnoooo
thermodynamics – set of classical physics laws/theories re:

totalitarian – tyrannical
unctuous – has spunk?
usurp – undermine
vacuous – vacant, as in a person like nicole ritchie
vehement – super angry
vortex – center
winnow – dunnnoooo
wrought – possessing
xenophobe – afraid of everything
yeoman – boat crew member
ziggurat – dunno


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