i should write or som3thing

sometimes i think i should write every day. like at the end of every day write about something funny that happened that day.

cuz keeping a regular diary is boring as fuck.

ok so now. what’s funny in my life today… well, i have trouble getting up early and getting to werk on time… hmm. well i;m up now but wont go in for hours. i’ll check my email here and work email and maybe do a little work here… play bubblez,,, drink coffeee… check the sailing reservations…

i;m trying to think of something funny that happened yesterday… lets see… i werked… did anything funny happen at werk? i can’t write everything i want to cuz this is public. i wonder if i can make certain entries private. then i can talk about other pp. but largely no nothing funny there.

met ken and roy fer drinks and dinner after. ken’s a hoot.

oh we went to a bar where rugby was on the TV — rugby is hott and sexy.


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