ok so i walk around w/ these inner monologues going on and think hey this is witty and smart and funny i should write it down, i should have my own show or whatever.

so i’ve promised myself that i’d write at least 15 mins/day at the end of each day about things i found amusing and funny. no depressive shit allowed. who needs that.

because when i look to the things that inspire – ad fab, the office (british version), ricky gervais, reno911 – they’re all comedies. i’m sure the writers and actors suffer from depression and uncontrollable outbursts of rage and mood swings… but they just dont write about it. (why would i assume such a thing?)

ok so the assignment: today.

i walk to work  lissening to heavy metal and industrial muzik mostly lissened to (per last.fm and myspace) by teen boys. i am 40+ yr old woman. wtf is wrong w/ me? its like i’m socially retarded in a way in that the part of the brain that makes ppl behave like a grown up is stunted and never blossomed. i well at least i can laff at myself. why is this funny? i’m not sure.

ok let’s move on.


good lord.

so i sit next to this guy. now he’s a hoot. he’s like got to be almost 70. and he is even more socially retarded that i am. in fact, where i werk, each person is socially retarded in a vastly different way. usually workplaces hire ppl who are socially retarded in like similar ways like at ad agencies.


my day was completely unfunny. was it really?

the office is a big open space, desks next to each other, loft. i keep pads in my desk. so when i have my period i have to take one and put it in my pocket. its kinda embarrassing. but wtf can u do.

there’s a guy there who i think has a crush on me. if i didn’t get that vibe i’d want to be friends w/ him. but since i do get that vibe i don’t. he’s funny tho.

has it been 15 mins yet?

roy is out getting drunk again.

i have time to myself tomorrow.

oh yeah there’s this person who moved to nyc and knows like no one here and she’s insane and is trying to be my best friend. she calls me and leaves a fucking voicemail telling me she’s at a computer store and has questions about the diffs btwn the models ,… wtf…. i didn’t even lissen to it. who the fuck leaves a msg like that. she calls me almost every day. i’m avoiding her but i feel obligated to be nice to her. i hate that. but she is genuinely nice.

let’s stick w/ today. the immediate present. relative to other days.

i am so unfunny its sad.

i just downloaded a reno911 i haven’t seen yet! how exciting! i will go watch now. and hopefully i will have a funnier day tomorrow.


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