friday 09/28/07

forgot to write yesterday this is to make up for it.

cant think of anything funny from yesterday.

i avoided someone i dint want to see. thats not funny. i swear i;m not an asshole. its just that …. i dint a) want to see her or b) go out at all last nite.

werk… it seems my 2 bosses arent getting along so well. i know i;m a good diplomatic negotiator type. how this happened i;m not sure i used ot be such a mean angry bitch when i was younger. i was born a bitch but grew over the years of working in offices into a nice gal who ppl like.

whats funny is that the inner bitch is still there inside. i just don’t let it show and i’ve mastered the art of polite self-restraint. its a manipulative thing in a way but its how one must operate in soceity. everyone does it.

not answering my phone when i see who’s calling me… friends who to me have become annoying to me over the years and i no longer want to be their friend? that’s not funny. but i guess everyone has frinds like that.

here’s soemthing kinda funny: i get paid six figures but i am confident i could train my boss’ sectretary to do my job. cuz all i do is get ppl to talk to each otehr and make sure the devs are doing what they should be.

friends who u don’t like anymore but u ahve to be friends w/ them anyway for various reasons. …. ugh.

i’ve been thinking about adopting a kid or kids … if i can get a bigger salary i could do it cuz i could hire a fulltime nanny.

i’d like to have a family and take a year off from work and school and sail around the world w/ them. we could home school the kids for the year. it would be a year none of us would forget. would b great!!!

i rented movie “perfume: story of a murderer” last nite. was ok. nice cinematography.  kinda ok story.


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