sat. 09/29/07

i slept almost til noon.

i wonder if i;m becoming an alcoholic? i drink almost every nite. anywhere between 1 – 3 glasses of vino. ??  i’ll have to ask my friend jonathan who went thru AA.

then friend came by whom i am trying to avoid. she had to pick up mail she had sent here. she stayed for about an hr. i had to be nice.

she believes she is a psychic healer.

^^^ now that’s funny.

she really believes it.

she believes in aliens among us but we can’t see them. she thinks she’s a medium.

really, if she had these abilities u’d think she’d have more going for her. she’s in her 40s and unemployable. she wants to be an actress she says but never does anything about it. she has no work ethic i think cuz her parents never taught her perhaps? they still help her out.


i was supposed to pick up something at the post office but i blew it off. now i really have ot go b4 werk or at lunch…. which never happens when i try.

i have to go to fedex and mail keys to mandy and go to gym.

i should stop by hair salon and schedule haircut.

i spent almost a yr growing my hair out and now its really annoying. i can’t stand it sitting on my neck.

what else….

going sailing tomorrow.

none of this is funny.

where is the humor and fun in my life? do i need to start taking acid again? or maybe that’s why i’m like this now.



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