whats funnneee

hair cut

no one compliments me so i can assume no one thinks its nice. that’s nice. u know usually u get yer hair cut and ppl r like o u got yer hair cut how nice. but no. not this time.

i really like talking about other ppl’s misfortunes like schadenfreude. esp other ppl who fuck up at work and i don’t like them so im glad and i egg on other ppl to tell me in IM what happened. haaha. that’s so shitty but everyone does it. i dont do it a LOT. i;m not that bad of a yenta. or maybe i am. well fuck me i need something to amuse me.

m avoiding person having mail sent to my place. … is that funnee? nah.

my life is boring. i need to do a versioning roadmap for it?


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