dream about noho

i dreamed i was in noho and surprised jjw by arriving there and calling her on her cell and she came and met me in the center. we sat on a bench and i was like “hey u thought i’d never come but i;m here!”. there was some gathering starting and all these ppl showed up to watch some performace art thing… then these african safari animals appeared and there were guys w/ guns to protect the ppl in case the animals attached. it was a little scary. then i realized the animals were the perfornace art thing they were really life-like, like totally seemed real computer-generated things. they came up to you and seemed real it was too scary. the faux guys w/ guns were part of the act. i was like this is too scary and we left.

i remember trying to take a foto of a guy w/ blue paint on him in front of a picturesque diner but my camera was too slow.

i think we went to jjw’s mom’s house for a minute and stan was there too w/ her.

i had to leave and roy was there. we were gonna get a train back to nyc… it was reallly crowded. and lots of trains were coming thru on the one track. we had a while til ours came. i went to get some oj and lost him. so i called roy on my cell and he’s like i;m by gate 5 and i was like ok i’ll b there in a sec. i ran into my aunt H. she was going to nyc too. more trains came by. i found gate 5 and no roy. our train pulled in and it was rilly crowded. i called him again and i was like i got on the train did u? and he was like yeah. i;m like i;m in the front where r u? he’s like i;ve been in nyc for half an hour. i got on the train 2 hrs ago. where have u been.

then i realized i missed the earlier train.


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