fake steve jobs and i havent written in a while

this is kinda funny http://fakesteve.blogspot.com/

i was supposed to b writing 15 mins/day even if i had nothing to say in search of funny things in my life… why did i stop… let me check last day written. brb.

ok it was over a month ago… oh yeah.. it was a few days b4 i went to italia (venice and roma) for 2 weeks. so i was prolly trying to …. i dunno. pack? not really i packed the day i left.

well here are fotos from that trip: http://flickr.com/photos/bettyx1138/collections/72157603216521190/
vids: http://bethcarey.com/italia/

i love venice. i want to go back.

i have a cold now.

cleaning lady came yesterday i like that.

one of my fish died whilst i was in italia. i got 3 more and 1 died right away. but 2 still there (named whatever and j. edgar hoover) are doing ok.

i don’t even want to write here.

reading ‘kite runner’ now its good.

my life is so boring and i;m an even more boring writer. whatever. i shall push on.


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