i;m not tired

kinda bored

went to jutta’s yesterday apres werk ordered in delivery. we’re both in similar predicament — we werk all week and go home after werk and r bored alot. i suggested we think of a hobby to take up that we can do when we;re having fits of boredom. couldn’t think of any.

did some shit today.

fine. whatevs.

i was gonna write something else but i forgot…

i have do some fish tank maintenance tomorrow… go to gym… get small xmas present 4 klc… send xmas cards and things to ppl w/ kids…

takin out my childhood xmas ornamants (they were at my dad’s til he died then under my bed. this is 1st time i’ve taken them out since he died.)


makes me wish i had kids to share all that shit w/ them. maybe its a wanting to relive good memories by living vicariously thru your own kid? is that why ppl have kids. well fuck i’d adopt or try to have one if i could afford it.

what else…

i should turn the firewall on my router off. its fucking w/ my bittorrent d/ls.

blah blah blah.


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