yawner saturday

yesterday at gym i got a massage after werk out.

i also talked to a the trainer manager (who’s kinda cute – he has long hair and a goatee – not jock-looking at all). there are some trainers there who are also physical therapists and i told him about my back probs and how i want to get into shape but be careful about my back blah blah blah.

i have a buy a package of training sessions… i’ll do that this coming week.

last nite watched eastern promises which i really liked, and the wendell baker story which was a little weak but owen wilson was awesome in it… continued reading middlesex… i slept thru the nite then on and off all day whilst npr 820am was on in background… had some scary dreams.

i’m just having dinner w/ chris and rio 2nite. i need to get a more active social life.

its like there’s shit i can do but i’ve gotten so lazy and unmotivated.

shit, i was supposed to have done some werk this past week on werking days but i didnt. i really have to do this shit. cuz they dudes have to start on it when they come back on 1/7… and i’ll b on a sailboat in the VIs that week.


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