g.i. jane kicked assssss!!!! (brokeback mountain was boring – sorry)

saw blades of glory (liked it – was funny) and g.i. jane – totally xcellent kicks asssss!!!! (even tho its violent and military I LOVEDDDDD ITTT!!!!!!!)


watching brokeback mountain — am 5 mins into it omg its so slow and boring. i;m gonna watch it only cuz ppl talk about it all over the place,… whatevs… i’ll report back later. the accents are annoying.

the sheep r cute… but shit i can;t believe ppl like this. YAWNNNNN.

update after watching BB mountain: ok it nearly put me to sleep and i had to ff thru the parts when nothing was ahppening which was a lot.

i can’t believe ppl are gah gah over this movie. i’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about it. i think everyone feels they have ot say they liked it to be PC? yeah so what 2 married allegedly hetero dudes fall in love and there’s drama yeah it happens all over the place. at least make a movie that has a little more pizazz and moves along faster and doesn’t have bad accents.

imho of course. i have a short attention span.


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