feb 1st

my dad died 2 yrs ago today at 8pm.

last yr, the 1 yr mark, was more of a milestone. i was upset on the day… then i suddenly because un-upset i think cuz  i realized i was recovering from the grief or something.

its diff now. i’m not all upset. i mean i remember him and appreciate and miss him all the same.

the death of a parent suxx. i think partly cuz u know you are next in line in the generational scheme of things. shit!

i know if my dad were here next to me now he’d bitch at me to go to the gym… i do need to go to the gym more.

i like to think he’s fine where ever he is, well, like in my imagination cuz i don’t believe in any kind of afterlife. would be nice if i could. whatevs.

blah blah.


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