gossip girl

dont flame me, but i got “gossip girl” pilot cuz i heard that if u like joan of Arcadia u’d like GG…

GG is appalling and loathsome – about these fucked up poor little rich kids. most of them and their parents are hateful. but some of their probs are realistic and interesting like suicide and drug and booze abuse and trampy behavior. and there’s the gossip aspect — they all get out their cell phones and tell each other about each other in real time as shit is happening and someone, we dont know who, has a website called gossip girl where some grrl posts everything about everyone…

its like an annoying train wreck that you are happy to see wrecked … and i can’t look away.

some characters are likeable… and i guess that’s why i’ll keep watching…

and since they are teens (albiet teens who sometimes speak like 30 year olds) i assume there will be some wacky character arcs..


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