i dreamed i was on reno 911

had a dream that i was performing w/ reno 911 in some eastern EU or former russian country like estonia but i named it ASS-tonia and they liked that.

like we went there to solve a crime but all got captured by the hillbillly psycho but we of course got away. all sorts of weird details but i’ll skip those cuz even i’d get bored writing those out. but i fit right in w/ their weirdness and they liked me.

then paris hilton and nicole ritchie were there. i saved nicole from drowning in a freezing river (paris couldnt care less)(nicole drove her car wrecklessly on a road next to river, paris and i bailed br it flipped over and went into the freezing river) and nicole’s mother was endlessly thankful. and nicole wanted to be my friend. her dad was coming home (not lionel ritchie) and she was afraid he;d be mad at her. i told her to go tell him she loves him.

back to the reno show… we did a run through of the last show and we were ready to go home and we were all really happy and i was like yeah i’ll finally have my name on IMDB. and i hoped reno 911 ppl would use me again.



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