dream log

last nite had dream that i won a beauty pagent/contest on the howard stern show that had 4 judges. i was older and not skinny and not super pretty unlike the other grrls but i won anyway cuz they judges judged me that was. i played a guitar on a stand w/ one hand.

for winning i was to be a howard stern embassador to the world. i got to choose one other grrl who didnt win to come w/ me to 3 countries overseas. i chose the only one who seemed a little more non-ditzy than the others. i remember thinking that i won cuz i was smarter and more mature than the other gals.

i was thinking o shit i have to lose a lotta weight b4 this trip. and that i’d have to get contacts and wear makeup. but i knew i could do it! (((note to self – do this in real life)))

then there was a place kinda like downtown new britain but somewhere else. me kris and judy were in a condo. a bomb exploded. turns out someone bombed a huge lovely palm tree by a pretty pond cuz there are palm trees where there are terrorists or soemthing like that. when it 1st went off ppl thought it was a car backfiring. i called 911 and phoned the popo. i forgot the name of the park we were on but they knew where we were…

i think stevie herman was there w/ 2 younger guys/kids (his bro or son?) and they were returning those metal shopping carts/carriages to a store on the other side of the park…

hank and sue were in the walled backyard sitting in the sun of our condo…

nighttime came and i was adamant that we lock all doors and windows cuz there were scary ppl out there. there was one window that couldnt be locked and it freaked me out. i knew there were scary ppl out there.


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