the things i learn from alex P on facebook! today’s lesson: atheists need not apply written into NC constitution! WTF?!

an atheist can not hold public office in North Carolina. u don’t believe me?

Look at the NC constitution, Article 6, Section 8.

WWWTTTTFFFF?!??!? get me out of this country. this is embarrassing.

it wasn’t in the original NC constitution in 1868. if it was i would have cut them some slack cuz ppl didn’t know any better back then. well they should have. apparently they DID know better. i don’t know when this was added.

but i will not cut slack for ppl NOW. egad i hope they modify that.

i wonder if its enforced!?!?

here is a pic of the ppl who added this clause:


update: after a littel googling, i learned that this is an “infeasible” clause, meaning its invalid and unenforceable because federal law contradicting it overrules it. thanks goodness!

they’re still jackasses for leaving it in!


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