i have to go to the nail place

its 445pm and its dark out already. i havent left the apt today.

i have to go to the nail place and have the green nail varnish removed that i put on drunk at a party last fri.

i have to prep some things for 2morrow morning’s jewelry class. and prep the things for work for after class. ach. bizzy day 2morrow. m going to b exhausted tomorrow nite i kno it. i have to schlep my jewelry crap and my computer w/ me tomorrow. might have to use my wheely bag which is dorky. but its easier on my back.

i dint go to gym 2day. ach. m too lazy.

what else?

last nite i made a great recipe. i dont usually cook. when i do i dont use things like ginger or oyster sauce. but it came out great. am gonna make it again and add tofu and rabe.

my new fave thing is pomegranate seeds. that’s some yummy shit.

i made a fruit salad yesterday w/ pom seeds, bananas and apples. was xcellent.

oh shit i have to get some kids presents for:

– anna and thomas

– autumn and zoe

– jeff’s kids daphna and leo

– elena’s kid conner

i loooooove the nice local toy stores in nyc. (not like toys r us – ew.)

i should do that 2day to get it out of the way.

m procrastinating now by writing this.

i want to get an xmas tree. i have the ornaments from my childhood. i kinda like to use them. but i dont have much space in my living room esp w/ the jewelry bench there now. i’ll get a small one tho. they;re a bitch to clean up. and i hope peepers wont eat the needles and hurl.


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