i haven’t been depressed in a long time

i realized i haven’t been depressed in a long time.

this isn’t something i tell ppl about. when i’m depressed i mean. only like 1 or 2 close friends. but, i’m not depressed now so i can talk about it.

the last time i was depressed was when i was in dubai around last xmas and last january. i think this is a life record, not being depressed for a year straight. yay.

i think having spent 6 months in dubai – albeit in a nice apt, getting paid well, in perfectly gorgeous sunny weather, and having the beautiful desert a short drive away – made me appreciate things about the US and my life here in nyc that i guess i took for granted.

i should list out things dubai made me appreciate about my life here in nyc. i’ll do that later tho i have shit to do.

yeah i have shit to do. i have to work on project enigma. i can’t talk about that publicly yet. but i had a good talk with uncle wayne about mba-ish business things.

and, as always, i have to go to the gym. ach. i let myself indulge too much the past week in things i should not be eating. i have to stop eating fatty foods godammit.

ok i’d better go do some shit. kthxbai4now.

ps – oh great mr peepers is hurling yayyyy!


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