acid wake and bake, and rambling thoughts on writing a memoir

just watched super high me in which this pot smoker guy abstains from pot for 30 days and does a bunch of tests, then smokes pot constantly for 30 days and does the same tests. (for the record i do not smoke pot now. nor have i done so in years.)

i posted  the following in the video’s comments and realized this is the kinda shit i should b writing about:

once when i was in college i took acid every morning for a week starting on a sunday. (i’d wake up and take it and go back to sleep then wake up trippping 🙂 i missed all classes mon – wed. i was barely tripping on thurs so i went. friday i wasn’t tripping at all even tho i ate acid 1st thing upon waking. that was a long time ago. i couldnt do it now. was fun. i have no regrets.

below is me tripping when i was in kollege. this foto is in the summer of “85. i did the experiment described above in a year b4 or after this.

ps – i dont care who knows. i have no regrets. i dont think anyone reads this anyway.  i really should write my memoirs of hampshire and b4 and after. i think mine would b more interesting than rich’s memoir of HC (which i am in as a minor character), Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost: A Memoir of Hampshire College in the Twilight of the ’80s. not to knock his. if u r someone reading this (omg! i has a reader!) u should check it out.

i can’t write tho. i am now. this blog thing is sort of an exercise to get me to write.

i;m good at writing software functional reqs and specs.

i looove reading fiction and good non-fiction, but for the fuck of me i can not write fiction or elegant-sounding non-fiction. i dont even try.

that’s what i like about david cross’ new book, i drink for a reason; he writes like how he talks. he doesn’t write how they try to teach u in school to write storytelling or fiction. its like reading him is like hearing him speak. i can relate to that. cuz i feel like when i write its like just what i;m thinking verbatim — no fancy shit. no following the elements of grammatical style to sound like tolstoy or something.

i like kafka and tolstoy.

i am totally free-associating now.

blow me!

yeah i should get around to writing my memoirs. the story arc would b my fucked up childhood and being dpressed starting at a very early age, then up to now when holy shit i have been depression-free for the 1st time in my life for as long as a year! its a record. i think i’ve finally become a human.


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