last nite i dreamt of being in venice and london

last nite i dreamt i was in venice on a boat that was used as a hotel and restaurant but my extended family on my mom’s side had rented it out for a family vacation. and ppl invited their friends. there were too many ppl.

i tried helping in the kitchen. there were 2 housekeepers (which is weird cuz there r never housekeepers when we have family gatherings.)

i (or soemone else? not sure. i dont remember catching them in the dream i just think i knew i had?) had caught some fish and salamanders like when i was a kid and had them in a bucket by a the pool. i noticed one of the big salamaders was going after a polywog. i thought i should take the bucket tot he stream or pond and let them go but i wanted to go swimming so i ignored them and the salamander ate the pollywog. (yeah there was somehow a nice swimming pool there which is weird cuz space it tight in venice and its not something that should b there, but its a dream. whatevs.)

my aunt had built a giant buddhist or hindi wooden sculpture decorated w/ colorful paint and flowers. she had lots of colorful incense. (((this is totally NOT like my aunt at all!))) i was like wow that’s pretty cool. she was showing it to me and explaining sometime about it. this was in a field of grass and trees that did not seem like it was in venice but it was. i took a pic or 2 w/ my camera but i couldnt get everything in the viewfinder that i wanted to take a pic of.

since it was venice i strolled on the pedestrian streets a little looking at the canals and pretty everything. i freakin love venice in real life so i was happy to be there.

i remembered i had to fly back to the us that day and decided to stay an extra day cuz i like being there so much so i took out my iphone
to update my facebook status that i was stuck in venice for another day.

so back to the boat and krystie w (who is just an acquaintance in real life) arrived w/ a gay male friend of hers. i was like o hi. it seemed someone else in my family is friends w/ her and invited her. i videotaped a little w/ my still camera but it wasn’t very interesting so i stopped.

i couldn’t locate my air ticket to find out what time i had to leave for the airport. this was all in london now.

i had a computer — the screen folded into what was like a piece of flexible plastic like the pieces of plastic u buy to put reports or school papers in. it became semitransparent if u wanted it to. i showed it to my cousin elena. these were new apple products that just came out and ppl were getting used to them. for some reason i wasn’t able to find my flight into on my computer.

h let me use her computer and it was also cool — the keyboard and screen were like big projections on the desk/tabletop. but there was no where where the projections were coming from.

i located my flight info. i had to change planes in napoli. my mom was like what why’d u get a flight where u go from london to napoli to nyc. i looked closer and i had to actually make 2 stops, another in switzerland. looking again there was another stop.

i was like shit i’ll change my flight to another day and get a direct flight. so we started calling delta in london.

then i woke up.


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