st. marks books staff r still snobs. that’s kinda nice.

sometimes i lament that NYC is getting all squeaky clean and nice and friendly.

like remember when there was garbage on the streets? when times square was the epitome of seedy? when going east of ave A u risked getting mugged? the ppl at the strand were consistently ornery? i moved to the east village to get away from bourgeoisie middle america but shit its all fucking bourg-y now.

anyhoo, today i go into st. marks books, my fave bookstore. i ask the guy if they have this book in stock. his response was old school ny along the lines of “that’s a title this bookstore would carry.” i was like ok chill out its only a book.

i ended up getting lulu in marrakech. which apparently is high brow enuf for the almighty st. marks books.

update: lulu in marrakech was really good u should get it.


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