newark continental check-in fiasco

ok so we get to EWR, newark airprot, and its a cattle yard. 2 many ppl.

we’re flying to cancun. (end destination akumal, cancun is heinous.)

usually u go to an airport and look on the departures monitors list which gate(s) to check in for your flight. (if we had no luggage, we probaby could have done the auto-check in which is preferable but we had our snorkel crap which takes up too much room to take in a carry on.)

anyway, so there was no column on the departures monitors telling anyone at which gate to check in. and, this is the retarded part, all the check in desks were labeled either domestic or international. u’d think that without any discerning labels or indications anywhere in the airport that if you are doing on an international flight u can check in at any international desk. and the same for domestic. what else could you deduct?!?

well, the lines were fuck all long – snaking through the airport – u had to make an effort to figure out where any line ended!

so we get in the 1st line for international. and its like 6 miles long like winding thru the whole fucking airport. it was like a mad max dystopia or something.

everyone is like WTF why is this is this insane? ppl r cranky especially me.

so i’m like this is retarded and go on a reconnaissance mission for a shorter line. we never would have made the flight if we’d had to stand in that line.

just for fucks sake i ask a cuntynental employee where to check in for cancun hoping maybe he’d give me some inside info on where to find a shorter line that will take less than 5 hours to get thru. and he’s like downstairs level 2. i’m like what. how the fuck is anyone supposed to KNOW that?!

like all these ppl in all these lines — literally hundreds of ppl — are going to specific places but none of the signage had the names of the places are anywhere to be seen. all these ppl have no way to know which lines to be in. no signs, no announcements. WTF is cuntynental thinking?

ok that’s my rant. i made it to akumal. that’s what matters.

note that the next day, this security breach happened in this same place:
Newark terminal locked down; search continues for man
EWR continental chaos

there’s no excuse for what i experienced. there’s some serious mismanagement and disorganization there. i use continental cuz i have enough miles now for a(nother) free ticket. and, for this trip it was the cheapest flight. next time i’ll pay more and use jet blue from JFK.


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