The Places In Between by Rory Stewart

one of the most interesting and inspiring books i’ve read.

u learn abt what’s really going on with the ppl in afghanistan. its a quagmire of hundreds of feudal ‘lords’ and villages. some still fighting w/ each other for reasons decades old. they’re still living like they did in the 1500s in many ways.

he visited one place where this guy had memorized his family lineage back thousands of years. it was a living oral literacy, like b4 ppl read and wrote stuff down.

most jarring is that the ppl could neither read nor write almost everywhere. yet they fetishize the koran and own a copy. they memorize it arabic but do not understand arabic. these aren’t the fundamentalist terrorists either.

there is no electricity or plumbing in most of the country! and there are serious food shortages almost everywhere. so many ppl were starving that they had to go to refugee camps. most ppl dont travel more than few hrs walk from the home during their whole lives.

western govts and NGOs trying to help don’t understand; these ppl need food and clothing and housing before anything else can b done like education and womens rights and setting up websites in the country.

the taliban were ASSHOLES. some villages are empty and blackened from fires because the taliban murdered and pillaged and torched them. this one guy didn’t grow a beard as taliban’s allah says he should so the tali-dicks cut his toes off. the taliban dynamite fished all the fish out of a lake in another place so there were no fish there now. assholes.

most ppl hated the taliban but some liked them cuz they (talidicks) had done something good for them.

b4 the taliban occupied afghanistan, the freaking russians were there and were almost as bad as the taliban to them.

definitely check it out: The Places In Between


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