stay in bed ladies of the world, unite!

today i am inspired by this stay in bed lady web site. why didn’t i think of that?

stay in bed lady lol

no one knows it (now they will), but i when i work at home almost every day i work from my NASA-approved memory foam bed, the most comfortable bed on the planet. when i am not working, i do the interwebs, watch tv show and movies on my laptop (an apple of course), read, or just play w/ mr peepers my cat.

me e peepers

sometimes i eat in bed too. sometimes i eat in the kitchen for a change of scenery. sometimes i leave the apt to do the occasional errand or go to the gym. but there aren’t many errands to do since freshdirect and my local grocer deliver (both via the interwebs so i don’t even have to call them). the local laundry place also picks up and delivers but i have to call them but they are nice so its ok.

this is an odd lifestyle, yes. but you can’t beat sleeping as late as you want to most of the time. if i have to get up for a phone 10am meeting, its ok. i set my alarm for 945am and i’m there!

my cleaning lady prolly thinks i’m crazy. i’d love to know what she’s secretly thinking. i’m one of few remaining clients of hers since the recent economic downturn so she loves me. well, i am nice. who wouldn’t love me?  ppl think its weird that i have a cleaning lady having such a tiny apt and am home all the time. but fuck that i can afford it and i work hard (even if its in bed) and have for a long time. altho, not always from a bed. she’s really nice. if you live in NYC and need a reliable nice cleaning lady ping me i’ll give u her info.

some times i wish i had an office place to go to every day. but if i were in one, i’d wish i were home in bed. livin the dream…


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