i had a dream i had a date with eric from true blood omg

so in this dream i was about to have a date w/ eric from true bood (the character not the actor). just as i heard him arrive outside my door in the dream, someone in real life in the room w/ me who will go unnamed said to me “betty, you should wake up now, its late.” and voila my dream was over and i was awake! WTF OMG that was so annoying! i was about to have sex w/ eric from true blood.

the rest of the dream was fucking wild its hard to describe. i wonder if i have weird dreams like this cuz of all the acid i did in my youth. the dream was kinda like tripping.

to describe it is exhausting my synapses, so the main themes:

  • aliens watching us humans on earth on a computer like google maps but with ppl and thoughts
  • film students at temple U
  • a little dog who i could communicate w/
  • all this other stuff i can’t describe
  • amherst/noho
  • a very cool movie i was watching where jenna or me were the protagonist and all this cool shit happened to us (can’t describe)
  • chris B made an appearance, he seemed relatively OK
  • mental telepathy or superior mental powers
  • something like the aliens or the movie or some paranormal power was making cool shit happen.

i guess when ppl list off the long term side effects of lsd they should add exceedingly vivid dreams. or maybe its just me.


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