maria bamford’s youtube series = brilliant.

i fucking love the interwebs for things like this. this is the 1st of a 19 part youtube vid series. watch them all.

so this commedienne actor grrl has a breakdown in LA and lands back at home in her 30s at her parrents’ house while she gets her meds stablized and gets her shit together.

first, i love that she admits to taking psych meds and having incapacitating neuroses. humor it totally the best way to deal w/ it. and it brought a ray of sunshine to my day.

she’s lucky she has a supportive family. many families wouldn’t b so supportive.

second, she is fucking fun! i want friends and coworkers like this. i want her in my office doing something.

i wish she’d done more vids like this.

this is her web site. she’s a fucking hoot.


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