i dreamed that i was at a dinosaur safari park resort in africa last night

so i was uganda i think. it was on the ocean so the resort part was by a nice ocean beach. (uganda in reality is landlocked i believe except for lake victoria.)

it was a safari park where they’d genetically engineered dinosaur dna so the resulting dinosaurs would not attack ppl. (at no point did i think of jurassic park.)

we’d go out in to these plains on walking safaris where dinosaurs roamed wild. it was kinda scary. they were supposed to not attack ppl but i didn’t trust them. there were camping platforms and huts made out of wood so u could camp on the plains. i was like mmm i’ll think i’ll pass on that part.

the resort part was gated and guarded. and the beach was nice. a lot of the guests had their kids w/ them.

there was only one phone at the front gate that i had to use. the gate was not closed. there was a guard slouching in a chair w/ a gun to guard against dinosaurs. there was a big roadkill dinosaur and i felt bad for it because how was it supposed to know to stay away from speeding cars. it was red w/ black spots.


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