i am so bored with nyc – is this mid-life crisis?

ppl think its odd that i am BORED with NYC. i’ve lived here in the same apt for almost 20 years.

i don’t know where else to go where i wouldnt b more bored than i am here and where i can get work as easily as i can here.


sometimes i get depressed cuz i am so bored! wtf?! i mean, not so bad that i have to see a shrink. but really now…

what i should do is have a plan. … i think i need a goal. like save up a shitload of $ (in addition to that pesky retirement savings crap) and travel for like 6 months! that would b awesome.

i should think about the things i want to do…

  1. sail around sweden and norway @ summer solstice time
  2. dog sledding in like norway w/ some hot scandinavian dude
  3. sail along amalfi coast
  4. do serenghetti/tanzania safari
  5. go back to venice (i’m a fucking tourist so sue me)
  6. go portmeirion seconds shopping in london
  7. visit cornwall england
  8. check out sydney australia
  9. lake como
  10. tuscany
  11. solomeo italia
  12. key west (cuz i’ve never been there, ok?)
  13. the great lodges of american national parks (maybe)
  14. barcelona
  15. quebec maybe

why can’t i be wealthy so i can do all this shit. whaaaaaaaaa. i dont want to b a wage slave any more. but i have to i have no choice.

look how boring my fucking street is that i live on. fuck me, its so boring i just want to die:

is this mid-life crisis?


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