omg i had a dream that while working on a pharmaceutical project, michael jackson was an intern or entry level person at the company

totally weird dream.

first, i was at a place that was a cross between sva mfa-ca, umass amherst, and a nyc tech co… something about me going from one place to another… someone who was working on recruiting sucked at it; i knew more ppl he did and recruited ppl just by IMing ppl i know… something about big ass monitors (yay)… something about it being at or enar umass amherst (but not hampshire)…

then the weirdest part — i was working on a pharma job (which in real life i am now cuz it pays well) in an office w/ some ppl with good natural lighting. an intern comes in to give me a message about the *weather* of all things. and who is the intern? michael fucking jackson. he was young and healthy and perky and nice. weird. we chatted about the weather for like a minute. he seemed clear headed, not like he was on drugs.

then later in the dream he came back in and did the same thing – another message about the weather. it was pretty useless info. but it was amusing office shit cuz it was michael jackson.


whatever mary.

maybe mr. jackson is now interning at the big pharmaceutical company in the sky.


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