mundane post about coffee makers and some other appliances

hello, interwebs!

so i had/have this old braun coffee maker that’s served me well for a long time. it may be from the 80s. i dont remember where i got it its so old. i resisted replacing it even when the occasional overflow happened cuz the filter holder dint close all the way. i was sort of and still am somehow emotionally attached to it. i dont kno why. maybe cuz its like a drug addict being attached his needles or crack pipe.

i suppose its cuz its supported me thru my young post-college years, my pre-grad school floundering years, through grad school, post grad school working into “adulthood” and “career” blah blah blah… something like that.

my beloved old braun:

anyhoo, the carafe broke and i thought ok fine i’ll get a new one. it would be nice to have one w/ a timer so i can wake up to fresh already made coffee. whatevs.

so i go to kfart and decide upon a red hamilton beach red one like this cuz its a little funky:

i made coffee with it and holy shit the grinds overflowed and made a clusterfuck of a mess inside it. i read some online reviews and apparently that happens a lot if u put like a tiny bit more coffee in over the “recommended amt” which is apparently laughably low for avid coffee drinkers.

(i can’t believe i am writing this post. but hey its the topic of this blog – computer-mediated retardedness.)

so i’m like fuckit i’ll return it and get a more expensive brand w/ a cone filter. (i think the flat baskets overflow, read on, interwebs friend.)

on this same day, a friend heard about how i needed a new one and gave me a rather new extra one they had. this mr. coffee model:

this one too made the grinds overflow into a mess. plus, see that big LCD round clock? the second hand on it is the same size as the minute hand so when u look at the there r 3 big hands and u have to wait and see which one moves to eliminate from your time reading. very retarded and annoying. i also didn’t like looking at its chunky LCD creeped me out. like having an unwelcome guest in your kitchen.

so, after reviewing cone filter options at crate and barrel, williams sonoma and bed bath beyond, i got this one from bbb and all is well again in my coffee maker world:

—————————- end of coffee maker story ————-

what else is going on, you ask?

well thanks for asking. its not every interesting but i’ll tell you if you must know.

remember a year or months ago i bought this small vacuum cleaner at bbb? the purpose was that ok its a new model and its at bbb so i should b able to get replacement filters easily at bbb in the coming years?

this one:

goddamned limited edition vacuum cleaner bullshit

so i write down the model number and shit and go to bbb while i am getting coffee maker. a dude at bbb tells me “we don’t carry filters for that model, it was a limited edition, it said so on teh box.” WTF? limited edition vacuum cleaner!?? WTF?!??! my head nearly explodes with annoyance.

i can however order filters online which i’ll do. which is annoying cuz getting packages at my apt is annoying. i always have to go to the cooper station post office which is poorly run.


at bbb i got a shiatsu pillow for my goddamned slipped discs in my lower back and arthritis in my neck. not sure if it helps:

i can;t believe i wrote this post. i kinda assume no one reads this blog.


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