if a baby is born still born is it issued a birth and death certificate simultaneously?

Im talking to a friend and Im like Thor. if I ever have a son I’ll name him Thor. that’s a cool name.

and he’s like my college roommate named his kid Thor. Im like cool imaging a charming little kid. he’s like he was born stillborn.

Im like what they named him even tho he was stillborn (which really means dead). he’s like yeah they named him b4 he was born.

and I imagine a baby being born stillborn which sux sorry.

then I thought what do they do in these situations? do “they” issue a birth certificate and death cert simultaneously? it is a deceased human so u’d think the formality of a death cert is called for. but, u can’t have a death cert for a human that hasn’t existed. thus, a birth cert would b needed u’d think.


this is like something Larry David would think then verbalize in the wrong way.


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