did katherine of aragon have stockholm syndrome?

just finished reading Katherine of Aragon by Jean Plaidy. its historical fiction but from what i gather, i believe that katherine had a kind of stockholm syndrome; she was kept prisoner by the english royal family. first henry VII then by henry VIII.

she was pretty miserable most of her life. she had little control over what she could do and how she could live her life. but, in the book and i suppose in real life she smiled and laughed and tried to have a decent time with it.

i think the only time she was happy was when she was child. as a teen she was sent to england to marry prince arthur. its not like she had a choice. but she was a kid and was raised to think it was a good thing.

then she spends the rest of her life trapped in england. arthur dies soon after she married him and she’s kept in england in limbo. she can’t leave. long story short, other people decide (mostly henry) that she would marry king henry who’s young and silly. she makes the best of it. but again she had little say in the matter. in fact, she lobbied for it because she thought it was her only good option. she had no real choices.

as we know henry gets dickish cuz he gets bored of her. he divorces her blah blah blah u kno the story. still miserable, she’s kept in england and can not leave. sure, her only joy in her life, her daughter, is in england but henry treated her like crap too. and katherine dies miserable without being able to see her daughter the last few years of her life!

her whole life story is tolerating living in unhappy situations and probably convincing herself that she is satisfied with her miserable life. she probably convinced herself that she loved henry when they were first married when in fact i bet she didn’t.  its sad.

the story is kind of like a metaphor for life in general — like u end up with a certain life and u make the best of it.

its no that wonder women, esp middle-aged women, like these queen historical fiction books. they’re all married w/ kids and can’t greatly change the courses of their lives like katherine. but, now, thank goodness, we have more freakin options and can do what we want more than katherine could back then. viva la moderne age and women’s lib!

wikipedia page on catherine of aragon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_of_Aragon

Catherine of Aragon by Michael Sittow c.1503

Catherine of Aragon when a widow, by Michael Sittow c.1503

Official portrait of Catherine as Queen of England

i’m going to read more jean plaidy books.


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