I bailed on M.I.A. and got more Jean Plaidy books

So, tonight I strolled over to the Strand through 100-degree sticky dirty NYC streamy heat and annoying B&T kids and bought The Murder in the Tower: The Story of Frances, Countess of Essex and Victoria Victorious: The Story of Queen Victoria. These should keep me occupied for 2-3 weeks.

Am thinking I should have a separate blog to document my reading all 80+ of Jean Plaidy titles. Yes, this is a multi-year project. Maybe I’ll set up that blog tomorrow. Or no maybe i should set up categories here better and do it here.

Oh and did you say “Weren’t you supposed to see M.I.A. tonight?” Um, yeah I was. We bailed tho. Its too hot and its late. WHine whine whine. This is the 2nd time in recent months when I bought show tix and bailed on the night of it. (I missed PiL a few months ago.) I really adore her and I really adore PiL too. I think I’m getting too “old” for shows. Whatevs. Yeah, see, I’d rather stay home and read Jean Plaidy books. So sue me. It makes me happy.

I started a Jean Plaidy aStore. am thinking i can link all references to these wonderful books to an amazon ‘associates’ account or aStore. (“aStore” reminds me of “aHole”. what a silly name.)

I can’t get it to embed here, but here’s the rink if you want to see it and buy some awesome books!: bettyx1138’s Jean Plaidy-centric Store.

jean plaidy book store


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