plaidy’s ‘victoria victorious’ – a darling book. (11 of 95 plaidy books read now.)

victoria and albert, 1854

finished reading victoria victorious →. not one of my fave plaidy books but i thoroughly enjoyed it.

the 10 plaidy books i read before this took place between 1100s-1500s. then, in this book we jump to the 1800s when the social conventions that create crazy drama are absent. such as the sovereign’s any word being law, beheadings as typical punishment, the strict arranging of marriages, etc.

by the 1800s parliament was voted in by the people (i don’t know who exactly was allowed to vote – women? male land owners only? i don’t know how much power the house of lords had either.)(i never took brit history in school.) and the monarch was somewhat of a figurehead. but, victoria was related to almost all the monarchs throughout europe so when she went on state visits to other countries they were also family visits and vice versa. and when wars popped up, they were also family feuds. that’s an interesting family dynamic.

i have to give her credit (or rather give plaidy’s depiction of her) for being very much against going to war at all costs and against slavery. during her time slavery in Jamaica was abolished and she was fully for the abolition of it. as a child QV studied QEI because she knew she was going to be queen next and QEI had been the only long term queen before her. they were both rather decent monarchs compared to their male predecessors and successors and contemporaries. i have a theory that when a chick leader emerges, she will be more level-headed than most male ones. i.e. less wars, more fairness amongst ppl, no slavery, etc.

however, there were some hints in the book that illustrated her ignorance of the ethics of imperialism. like she was appalled when someone in parliament or somewhere proposed to do away with all class distinction. and, she thought that Britain was in the right for colonizing india because they were “savages” and needed civilizing or something like that. i suppose if plaidy had had too much material like this in her books her protagonists would be unlikeable.

it’s more charming how victoria and albert were very much in love from the start. then after albert died in his 40s, victoria lives another 20+ years and never stops mourning for him. that’s probably why she’s is black in photographs of her in her later years. i think vic gets shafted on public opinion on her appearance because there are more photos of her as an older person in black than there are of her when she was young and pretty. i don’t think people smiled in photos back then too. she was the kind of gal in her younger years who was scolded for laughing too loudly and bearing her gums when she laughed.

john brown, 1866

john brown, 1866

victoria didn’t seem as bright and learned as elizabeth I but she did think on her own. she befriended local scots who treated her like a normal person and she employed them. her family and advisors were against that. after albert died the scot servant john brown → was with her almost all the time. there were rumors in the newspapers that they were lovers. but, according to plaidy’s account, he cheered her up because he looked after her how albert used to.

also, when some indians came to visit her from india (she was empress of india for a time) she liked them so much she had them stay and employed them too. she mentioned that she liked their food. so, i wonder if we can credit QV with bringing indian food to england? she had them teach her hindi so she could converse with them. her family and advisors were against this too.

its crazy how she had 9 kids! she complains about the responsibility she felt she had to have them and awful experience of childbirth. she was happy when chloroform was invented and she could be unconscious for the experience. there’s not one mention of birth control. nor does she explain why it was so imperative to have so many children.

vic and albert and their 9 offspring

ok, the best part i think was that she had a tricolor king charles spaniel →. that’s the exact dog i want. as soon as i’m in an apt w/ an elevator i will most certainly get one.

dash, queen victoria's king charles spaniel, painted by sir edwin landseer

dash, queen victoria's king charles spaniel, painted by sir edwin landseer 🙂

here’s an awesome post about QV’s dash and her other animals on a another blog →. respekt.

now, i am reading The Passionate Enemies (The Norman Series: Volume 3) →. i shall let u gentle readers know after i’ve read it. i think i’ll do one post on the 3 norman series books.

i need to do a post on the mary queen of scots book too. that was a favorite… will get to that soon…


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  1. That was a very nice blog post. U r definitely a candidate 4 Drunken History soon. Don’t forget about Vic and D’Israeli too!

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