idea for an invention to cure/fix herniated discs

idea for an invention to fix/cure herniated discs

herniated discs totally f'in suck!

i have pretty bad herniated (aka slipped) discs – L3 is the worse. L4 and L5 are also sticking out. i also have degenerating discs in my neck which they call some kind of arthritis. i’ve gotten used to the sound of my neck vertebrae grinding when i turn my head. (yay!) i do yoga and strength exercises recommended to me by my most awesome physical med MD, loren fishman, and it’s rather manageable. i highly recommend him if you have any muscular-skeletal ailments.many dr’s will rush u into surgery but they won’t at his practice.

these run in my family. i didn’t know that b4 i got the slippped discs. my mom and 2 of my aunts have the same slipped discs.

they caused a big prob in 2003 (or 2002) all at once because i was going to the gym every other day and doing hip hop aerobic which was really fun.

what sucks MAJORLY is that since slipped discage has entered my life i had to give up things i loooove like riding horses and skiiing. WTF. how totally annoying! u have no idea how much i miss riding ponies and skiing!!!! i so desperately want to be able to do those things again.

allors, so, what scientists MUST start working on if they aren’t already, is a non-surgical way to rehydrate and strengthen the degenerating discs. i ‘m thinking ok, all they have to do is identify some ray frequency – x-ray, magnetic rays, sounds waves, whatever else there are – that will stimulate the disc tissue to rehydrate or strengthen and not affect other tissues around it.

then, voila! u r a billionaire and billions of ppl will be helped majorly by your invention including me. i need this. i’ll do free information architecture for you and be your BFF if you can do this for me. thanks.


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