j’ai fini de lire plaidy’s ‘the revolt of the eaglets’

jean plaidy, revolt of the eaglets

it was a great story, about henry II. he was the one that was the son of empress matilda who tried to take the throne from her cousin stephen but couldn’t cuz she was such a bitch and she couldn’t get the ppl behind her.

so henry II takes over the english throne from stephen who was somewhat of a wuss. henry had married eleanor of aquitaine. there’s an awesome plaidy book about eleanor of aquitaine called The Courts of Love: The Story of Eleanor of Aquitaine, which i highly recommend. It’s better than this book because it’s all about eleanor.

This book is about henry II. He was largely a dick and alienated his wife and kids. His kids even turned on him in the end.

So now I am on to the next plaidy book, The Heart of the Lion, which should be about Richard I.

Oh wait! There was something really interesting in this book – Richard was gay! He and the king og france, philip, were somewhat of a couple! isn’t that awesome?!


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